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DeneB is a non-animal Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler. it has two types: Classic H, Classic S. The main ingredient in DeneB is sodium hyaluronate, which is one of the structural polysaccharides in normal human skin and one of the important components in maintaining the firmness and cohesivness of the skin.

content: cross-linked HA
volume: 10ml
concentration of HA: 20mg/ml
area of use:
Classic S: breast augmentation, lip contouring, moderate face wrinkles
Classic H: buttock augmentation, chin, jawlines, cheek, severe face wrinkles
certification: CE, GMP, KFDA

DeneB is a monophasic gel. 3 patented technology is used for DeneB production:
MBMT (Micro Bead Monophasic Technology): creates a very high viscoelasticity by microbeading of the HA
DMCT (Divinyl sulfone Multi Crosslink Technology): use DVS as the crosslinking agent to produce a complete cross-linked gel
MDAP (Multiple Degree Amphiphilic Purification): increase purity of the gel by refining crosslinking in multiple times