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Beadsmax applies innovative Hyaluronic Acid technology to increase longevity (long-lasting) effect, safety and increase removability (safe & removable).
Beadsmax applies the patented 3 staged microbead processing technology that allows to increase the viscosity and produce a long-lasting filler. By controlling the cross-linking rate to adjust the viscosity, we are able to produce a wide range of high quality fillers depending on its use.



BeadsMax  applies the unique technology of creating a semi-solid state gel of Hyaluronic Acid. Our product has high cohesiveness and viscosity so when injected, it creates a pseudo capsule as an implant form that it is not easily dissolved through natural hyaluronidase by the body (mechanism of long-lasting effect).

Viscosity test

Running a viscosity test with competing products we can see that after 4 minutes most of the competing product has migrated outside the circle whereas our product shows intact shape.



You don’t have to worry about unsatisfactory results after injection. BeadsMax  is strong against natural hyaluronidase inside the body, but can be completely removed by injecting hyaluronidase. Then the filler left in the soft tissue can be completely removed. It is easily removed.

hyaluronidase test
hyaluronidase test